About Harcourt Rare Breeds

The Rams, Ewes and Lambs which make up the Harcourt flock of native traditional and rare breed sheep, come from the Portland, Leicester Longwool, Border Leicester Greyface Dartmoor, Hebridean and Coloured Ryeland sheep breeds.

Each has been chosen for the variety of high quality yarns, felts and fabrics they produce adding a specific quality to 
our collection of luxurious wools and fleeces.

In addition, each has a succulent yet distinct flavour when it comes to producing meat, be it comforting Mutton, Hogget 
fit for royalty or delicious lamb each one adds to your gastronomic experience.

The Poultry, Fowl and Game Birds from our feathered flocks have been chosen with similar care, each offering unique eggs, variety of table birds and decorative qualities.

Split between two locations, Market Bosworth in the Midlands and Harrogate North Yorkshire, collection / delivery to local areas or UK post is available.

Shaun and Anne

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